Monumental Naranco Oviedo




Marcelino Suárez, 29

33012. Oviedo, Spain

T: +34 985 963 280

F: +34 985 963 990


The Silken Monumental Naranco is at 29 of Calle Marcelino Suárez in the new strategic area of Oviedo.

Located at the end of Paseo de la Losa de RENFE, it is very near the shopping and historic centre of the city and only 500 metres from the new Palacio de Congresos.

Hotel Silken Monumental Naranco Oviedo

Marcelino Suárez, 29. 33012. Oviedo. Spain

T: +34 985 963 280 | F: +34 985 963 990

Details: 5.863479 / 43.364719

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  • How to arrive from:

      • Entrance from Avilés and Gijón (A-66)

        -Do not take the first exit, continue towards Oviedo city centre until the traffic lights.
        -You will see a roundabout
        -Turn right along Calle General Elorza
        -Continue straight ahead until you reach a second roundabout (Calle Independencia)
        -Continue straight ahead until you reach a third roundabout
        -Turn right onto Calle Teniente Coronel Tejeiro
        -Continue until you reach a fourth roundabout
        -Continue straight ahead onto Calle Marcelino Suárez

      • Entrance from Lugo-Coruña (N-634)

        -Go down Calle Fuertes Acevedo until you are next to the bull ring
        -At those lights, turn left along Calle Alejandro Casona
        -This street leads directly onto Calle Marcelino Suárez

      • Entrance from Madrid-León (N-630)

        Continue towards Oviedo city centre:
        -When you get to the Plaza Castilla roundabout, turn left along Calle Padre Vinjoy
        -Turn right at the traffic light onto Calle Hermanos Pidal
        -Continue until you get to another traffic light, keep to the central lane-Cross the intersection (Calle División Azul) until you get to a roundabout
        -Turn left and onto Calle Teniente Coronel Tejeiro
        -When you get to the roundabout continue straight ahead and onto the street where the hotel is

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