Villa de Avilés




Calle del Prado, 3

33401. Avilés, Spain

T: +34 985 526 116

F: +34 985 526 117


Hotel Silken Villa de Avilés is located at 3 Calle del Prado, in the Parque de las Meanas.

Next to the football field, in the urban expansion area of Avilés, it allows visitors to walk to the historical and commercial centre in two minutes, and it is only 12 km from Asturias Airport.

Hotel Silken Villa de Avilés

Calle del Prado, 3. 33401. Avilés. Spain

T: +34 985 526 116 | F: +34 985 526 117

Details: 5.927633 / 43.555869

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        Estación Central. ALSA company (national and international travel).

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        Estación Central. Journeys within the province and connections to Galicia, Santander and the Basque Country.

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        Asturias Airport is 12 Km from Avilés, about 12 minutes by car. From the airport there are regular flights to Madrid, Barcelona, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Málaga and Alicante, and flights to Paris and London.

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